Highest Georgia CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates

Thinking of investing in certificates of deposit? Great choice! With CDs, you can get high rates minus the risk! Yet, always remember that to take advantage of the full benefits of CDs, you must make time in looking for the best interest rates available. Availing of long term investments with high GA-Georgia CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates is easy if the depositor will appropriately compare the rates provided by banks in Georgia and nationwide. Read this article and find out which financial institutions offer the best deals in CDs.

Compare the Best CD Rates in Georgia

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The Best Long Term Georgia CD (Certificate Of Deposit) Rates

Five Long term Georgia CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates in Georgia is headed by Melrose Credit Union whose APY is 3.29% with a minimum opening balance of $5,000. Atlanta Business Bank's Online 60 Month CD has an APY of 3.20% and a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. Atlanta Postal Credit Union grabs the third spot with an APY of 3.15% and a minimum opening deposit of $500. Chartway Federal Credit Union has a 3.11% APY and a minimum deposit of $10,000. Delta Community Credit Union's 3.00% APY is next and it has a minimum opening deposit of $1,000.

The rates are quite aggressive and continue to grab the attention of investors, both individuals and businesses. The rates are certainly remarkable with Melrose Credit Union certainly yielding with the greatest possible earnings. With a deposit of $10,000, Melrose estimates $1,757 earnings after maturity. Atlanta Business can promise $1,706 earnings on a $10,000 balance certificate of deposit.

National credit unions and banks seem to rule the beyond five years certificates of deposit. The Georgia CD Rates for terms beyond five years, six years specifically, is the APY of Apple Federal Credit Union of 3.65%. With a deposit of $10,000, the depositor can earn $4,312 after 120 months. Capital One Direct Banking has a ten year certificate of deposit and an APY of 3.25%. Though it has a longer term than Apple's, the estimated earnings of a depositor in Capital is s little lesser. For instance, the $10,000 initial balance of a depositor can earn $3,769 after ten years. Pentagon Federal

Credit Union has the second highest Georgia CD Rates in the Leaderboard with an APY of 3.51% and a term of seven years. However, if compared to Capital One Direct Banking's future earnings, Pentagon Federal takes the spot after Capital for having the highest yielding certificate of deposit. Another high yielding long term certificate of deposit belongs to Intervest National Bank's 10 year CD. Using the same depositor of $10,000 initial balance, the possible earnings under Intervest's 2.80% APY is $3,180, which is still remarkable. Other top ranking long term certificates of deposit with viable rates are Sun Trust bank, Third Federal, E-LOAN.com, Flagstar Bank and Bank of Oklahoma. The terms range from 60 months to 10 years. Flagstar holds the most unusual certificate terms of 72 to 83 months or 12 years to 12 years plus eleven months and an APY of 2.59%.

The rates in every locality vary. Even if a credit union or bank offers the highest yield, the depositor should also consider his or her own location. A depositor of a county finds a high yielding bank located in a county far across his cannot just drive to that county to make a deposit - except of course if the institution has an online banking system which is common to most Georgia and national banks.

The CD will pay interest at some point. Investors can either choose to reinvest the income or withdraw it. Typically, once the CD matures, the investor has 10-15 day window to decide what to do next. Most banks will renew the CD if no new instructions are received from the depositor.

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