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If you are living in Idaho and you're looking for good information on ID-Idaho Cd (Certificate Of Deposit) Rates, then you're on the right place At present, interest rates of certificates of deposit at decreasing. The average ID-Idaho CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rate is 0.57%. But don't despair, there are several banks offering higher ID-Idaho Cd Rates This article mentions some of the local banks and credit unions that go over and below the national average.

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Idaho CD (Certificate Of Deposit) Rates vs the National Average

The national average of 6 Month certificate of deposit as of this week, updated by the Federal Reserve last July 23, 2010, is 0.57%. The trend is decreasing, where last week, the Federal Reserve had concluded an average of 0.62%. With that, searching for high Idaho CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates is difficult. And contrary to the idea of investing in longer term deposits, some experts are saying that the shorter terms are better especially when inflation is likely to come.

This article will help you find the local banks and credit unions that provide higher rates than the average rate.

Home Federal Bank has an annual percentage yield or APY of 0.80% on regular its 6 to 11 Months. It also has an Escalator Certificate of Deposit product which requires $5000 to open and definite rate bumps every six months. The APY of the Escalator CD 6 Month certificate of deposit is 0.56%

First Federal Savings Bank of Twin Falls has an APY of 0.60% and a minimum deposit of $500. First Federal offers online banking and even has a Java-enabled Certificate of Deposit Calculator on its site for easier earnings computations.

Another leader in Idaho CD Rates is the Capital Educators Federal Credit Union in Meridian, Idaho. It's APY for the 6 month to 11 month CD is 0.85%. It also offers other types of CDs with the same term such as the Medical CD with the same APY of 0.85%, Young Savers regular CD with an APY of 1.11% and a Young Savers Medical CD with an APY of 1.11%.

On the lower side, that is rates below the average, some local banks and credit unions remain to be competitive and maintain quality control in their services. Though their Idaho CD Rates are lower than average, some banks have a stable number of depositors.

Advantage plus Federal Credit Union in Pocatello, Idaho has a 0.45% APY on its 6 Month Term Share Certificate. It should be noted that Term Share Savings is not exactly a certificate of deposit but they have similar features. This type of account features a dividend rate that will be credited to the account if the depositor maintains the fund intact until maturity. The minimum balance is $1,000 and the dividend rates are fixed.

Bank of Idaho is located in Idaho Falls and has an APY of 0.45% for its regular 6 month certificate of deposit. Opening deposits of $500 to below $5,000 can earn an APY of 0.35%, while deposits of $5,000 and over would earn 0.45%.

Zions National Bank which also operates a branch in Idaho has 6 Month term certificate of deposit types. The Regular Cd and the Gold Cd both types offer a 0.25% APY and has a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. Zions promises no monthly service fee for both. The Gold CD has a privilege of earning a 0.5% higher interest rate but it also requires a Gold Interest Checking or Gold account to qualify under this option.

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