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With the fluctuation of stock in the market, it is very important that we understand the undertakings of investment. While certificate of deposit or CD is seen to be a lucrative way of investing, one should also understand that it could be the other way around when you don't invest with the right place on the right time and right way. Through this article, you will learn what the Bear CD is, what makes it an attractive investment, and some tips you can use to make the Bear CD work for you.

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Investing on a Bear CD - A Better Profitability

When an individual has no interest of putting up his own business but would like to profit from his money, he usually would opt for investing it on stocks and funds. The market is always at risk so profit is never assured; you may gain now but would lose more later. Now when it comes to money investment, the certificate of deposit or CD is a common option.

There are several options for an investor to choose from when he wishes to invest his money on certificate of deposits or CD. One can choose from ladder CD, short and long-term CD, callable CD, brokered CD and the Bear CD. Each type can provide a level of profitability to investors so understanding how each really works can be helpful to choose which one is the best type for you.

Bear CD has two main purposes- for hedging and speculating. An individual who wants safety of his CD with a Bear CD getting exposed to the market. It is called so because the investing party bets or speculates that the market will go down during the life period of the CD.

Investors who have open and existing positions in the market can helps reduce risks by hedging using this CD. When the investor identifies a long position which is moving in correlated with an index in the market being monitored, he or she can invest on the excess cash with a Bear CD so that losses are kept to a minimum.

Say when one has a mutual fund which is tracked on the same index, a CD bear will raise some of the seen risks that could be declined by the index.

Like any other business, it is important that you know the know-how's of a CD bear. Finding the rate bank or credit union is also a very important thing to do. Here are some ways on how you can find the right place and right time to invest your money:

  • Try to determine the length of time you intend to invest your money and how much you are willing to invest. If you like higher interests then go for longer terms.
  • Shop around and compare on the rates. Local newspapers and the World Wide Web are good places to find good banks but visiting the bank and talking to a specialist still is the best way.
  • Have a check on the reputation of the bank or credit union. If there had been some major issues in the past, you may want to consider another bank and above all make sure that it is accredited with FDIC so whatever happens with the market, your investment is still in good hands.

Still wondering how you can purchase a CD? All you need to do is to contact an issuing bank and open an account. Tell then you want to buy a CD and the money is automatically transferred. No certificates are released by you will see a different category on your statement of account.


  • No minimum balance
  • Competitive rates, No risk


  • High rates, Access to money
  • FDIC Insured

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