Amazon And American Express To Offer Co-Branded Credit Card For Small Business Owners

2028Small business owners in the United States will have a new option for credit with the launch of a co-branded credit card from American Express and Amazon that was recently announced as part of a multi-year agreement between the two brands.

“At American Express, we have been helping business owners grow for more than 50 years and we know that millions of them rely on Amazon,” said Glenda McNeal, president of strategic partnerships at American Express.

“Amazon’s global product selection and selling services help small businesses think big and run efficiently. We’re delighted to expand our partnership with Amazon by offering a new co-branded small business card, and by also harnessing the collective insights and expertise of our companies to deliver tangible value to our mutual customers who use Amazon’s services.”

More than a credit card

Besides the co-branded credit card, the Amazon-American Express partnership will include an enhanced data solution that gives businesses expanded insight into their purchasing activity, as well as a continued worldwide card acceptance relationship.

Max Bardon, a vice president at Amazon, said the co-branded small business credit card program would combine convenience, buying power, and values small businesses expect from Amazon with the service, benefits, and security of American Express.

“We selected American Express as our partner for the upcoming small business credit card because of our shared commitment to helping small businesses grow,” said Bardon.

American Express and Amazon Business launched an enhanced data solution earlier this year; Amazon Business is the company’s B2B e-commerce marketplace and purchasing solution.

The integration aims to provide businesses with more detail on their Amazon purchases, allowing them to monitor, control, and reconcile all transactions made with American Express corporate cards. Customers are able to run more advanced analytics via the new offering.

Small business get rewarded

Many small business credit cards offer rewards for their members, as well as tools to help them run their businesses more effectively. These include things like year-end reports, spending analysis, extra cards for employees, and perks like airport lounge access to make business travel more enjoyable.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have many choices when it comes to small business credit cards; no matter what they are looking for, they’ll find many great options.

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