Americans’ Plans and Expectations for Valentine’s Day 2020

2120Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This romantic holiday has long gone beyond the celebration only for loving couples. According to numerous statistics, people also make gifts to family members, friends, colleagues, and even pets. Thus, the holiday makes America spend huge sums of money year in year out.

In mid-January, conducted a Google survey with more than 4,000 U.S. adult respondents to explore the main Valentine’s Day shopping & spending trends. Let’s have a look at its main outcomes:

  • 35% intend to spend money on gifts or celebration this year.
  • Expenses depend on the person’s relationship status (engaged people will spend an average of $85, married – $71, those who are in a relationship – $65, and single ones – $51) and their sex (men’s average spending is $85, women’s – $61.50).
  • Most often, people plan to make a purchase on Valentine’s Day for their partners (71%). Children take second place (28%), followed by friends (9%), pets (6%), and dearest self (6%).
  • This year, most Americans prefer to pleasure their nearest and dearest with some experiences or evening out (36%) instead of just exchanging gifts (16%).
  • No wonder that the large majority (31%) would love to receive an experience as a gift for themselves. Among other most wanted things are chocolate or candy (20%), flowers or plants (17%), jewelry (13%), and electronics (10%). Least of all people want to get apparel (6%).
  • Most popular retailers for holiday shopping this year are Amazon (28%), Walmart (23%), and Target (16%).
  • 62% of those celebrating plan to do it exactly on February 14, another 29% will arrange a whole Valentine’s Weekend, and 9% plan to celebrate early.
  • To celebrate, 45% will go to a restaurant, 29% will make a dinner at home, and 11% will order food delivery. 16% aren’t going to have a festive dinner at all.
  • While 27% believe Valentine’s Day proposals are sweet, 21% wouldn’t be so happy to get or make one.

Of course, there still remain those who do not understand the hustle and bustle of this day. Nevertheless, it’s another nice occasion to spend time together with your loved ones and bring some happiness in their and your daily routine.

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