Amex to Roll Out a Corporate Program for Startups

2104This fall, startups are to get more opportunities since American Express has recently announced the run of the American Express Corporate Program for Startups under the slogan “Your big ideas deserve big spending power”. The program will be available by invitation only to eligible companies selected by Amex based on creditworthiness and some other factors.

“Startups are an increasingly large part of the global economy, but traditional corporate card products weren’t meeting their needs,” Anna Marrs, American Express Global Commercial Services president, said. “From working with startups in the past, we realized that was an underserved opportunity.”

The official Amex website says that the program members will receive all the benefits, rewards, and business tools that come with American Express credit cards. Here’s what approved applicants may count on:

  • Full corporate liability, meaning its the company and not the individual Card Member will bear responsibility for all amounts due. No personal guarantee and no effect on personal credit score.
  • Dynamic spending capacity of up to 10% of the linked business bank account (if supported).
  • Pass to airport lounges worldwide, including Priority Pass Select, The Centurion Lounge, American Express Lounge, Delta Sky Club, Escape Lounge, and Airspace Lounge locations.
  • Premium seats for select events including cultural and sporting ones.
  • Rewards and perks for business and personal needs.

Marrs also stated that with the new Corporate Program for Startups, Amex customers will get “the powerful backing and world-class service they need to compete in an ever-changing business environment.” So far, there is no more official information provided.

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