Sheetz Introduces New and Improved Loyalty Card Program

1966If you have a Sheetz convenience store near you, you’ll want to make sure you’re signed up for its new loyalty card program, MySheetz Card.

Family-owned Sheetz is one of America’s fastest growing convenience store chains, and their new loyalty card program gives consumers points for virtually every purchase they make in the store. Frequent customers will be able to obtain official Sheetz Freakz status. Registering their card online will get access to special birthday rewards, surprise offers, and freebies.

Joe Sheetz, CEO of Sheetz, Inc, explained that the store is responding to customers’ demands. “The number one request from our customers has been to earn rewards on all of their purchases,” said Sheetz. “We heard them and responded with bigger, better, and more rewards.”

Fan, friend, or freak

Cardholders will earn five points for every dollar they spend at Sheetz. They will start out as a Sheetz “Fan” and work their way to becoming a “Friend” and finally a “Freak” when they’ve racked up the requisite points. Points are redeemable via the new Sheetz app. The app is available for free at the Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android devices.

The Sheetz app lets customers order products online and see nutrition information for products sold by Sheetz. It also allows them to use mobile payments for pay for purchases. To do this, they will need to input account information for their preferred method of payment, including credit cards or debit cards.

Rewards cards and loyalty cards: a great savings combo

The Sheetz card itself is not a credit card; customers will have to have a credit card to upload to the Sheetz app in order to take advantage of the mobile payments option. If they use a rewards credit card, such as a cash back card, they can double their perks by using the credit card to pay for purchases, and the Sheetz loyalty card to earn Sheetz rewards as well.

Using rewards credit cards in conjunction with store loyalty cards is a great way to get the most bang for your buck and rake in rewards.

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