Techniques Cyber Robbers Make

There have been many instances of cyber theft with major banks. Thousands of dollars are being stolen every time a move goes into action and not just from a few people but from many online bankers as well. Banks also lose significant amounts of money just to fight these culprits by coordinating with experts who can help them with cyber issues. Defense hard wares have been developed and are still being updated to take control of the situation. The American Bankers Association is constantly worrying about this because it is magnified and it seems to desist slowing down. They have established that almost 70,000 malicious wares have been attacking online bank accounts to steal identity and money. With this number, they need to cope up with their defense.

In coordination with law enforcement agencies that are helping banks get rid of these thieves and software experts that specialize in fraud-prevention, they have determined some of the techniques these robbers have to steal from online bankers. One of them is hacking bank account holders’ personal computers that are frequently logged on to the Internet. This way, they are able to monitor the bank account holders’ behavior and can eventually predict what activity they are going to do next. In order for them to monitor bank account holders, they have another technique. They acquire a certain kind of software, mainly a virus called banking Trojans, and hide them in bank holders’ Web browsers. Our common web browsers are not specialized in just going to a particular site that would enable much security. It gives us access to the whole Internet so it is wide range. With a wide range of accessibility it will be difficult for the browser to monitor and secure pages. And that is one of the reasons why thieves are able to plant viruses to bank account holders’ computer.

What these Trojans do is that it masks activity done by the thieves. Whenever they access your computer or your information, they are covered by a virus so there is no way that you could know that your information is being taken. They also made a way to keep your alerts deleted. Whenever your computer senses a fraud alert, they are somewhat re-routed or simply removed so they can still lurk in your computer waiting for the right time to move your money. Also, they use other bank account holders to transfer money. They will entice them that they will be paid just by receiving a money transfer and voila! Your money has been taken by someone just paid to receive and withdraw it and the thieves remain unknown.

These techniques will help our cyber experts to update our defenses so it’s good that they are able to figure the techniques out.

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