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Opening a certificate of deposit account is really very easy. All you need to do is visit your bank and tell them that you want to purchase a CD. What's more complicated is choosing the right bank offering the best rates. Listed here are banks that can provide sufficient financial revenues and secured banking. CT-Connecticut CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates for Twelve Month CDs are still looking good and promises bigger earnings than the savings deposit account. The year is still early, and it's the perfect time to invest.

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Top Connecticut CD (Certificate Of Deposit) Rates for A Twelve Month CD Rate

Opening a certificate of deposit account is probably the best way to reach a savings goal and building wealth. Certificates of deposit earn more revenues than regular savings account. Some Connecticut CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates are changing slightly for the past few weeks, mostly declining. With this, it is still better to avail of a certificate of deposit with a lower rate that remains constant throughout the entire term. The following are featured banks that specializes in 12 Month or 1 Year certificates of deposit.

The best Connecticut CD Rates for 12 Month certificates of deposit is the 1.55% APY of Flagstar Direct. The early withdrawal for a 12 Month certificate of deposit is equivalent to 180 days of interest. Upon maturity, the certificate of deposit will automatically renew but would still apply the same rate. Renewal can be prevented if depositors notifying the bank in writing 30 days before maturity. The minimum opening balance amounts to $500 and the interest rate is fixed for the entire certificate of deposit term. The transaction limits of the account would include not making any additional deposit in the account before the maturity date. The interest can also be withdrawn any time during the CD term after the interest revenues are credited to the account.

Sallie Mae Bank is also offering an APY of 1.55% in its certificate of deposit. No minimum balance requirement is needed to open a certificate of deposit account but funds must still be maintained to earn the APY. The APY is applied to personal accounts only and may subject to change. Withdrawal penalties may also be deducted from the earnings.

Capital One Direct Banking has a 12 Month 1.50% APY and a $5,000 is required to open a certificate of deposit earn this APY. The funds are FDIC insured and the rates are fixed. Furthermore, it is an online bank that would require no fees to open or maintain the account. According to its website, this online bank has more than $110 billion total deposits due to the trust the bank has gained from its customers.

TD Bank's Connecticut CD Rates for a 12 Month No-Catch CD accounts to 0.40%. The minimum deposit to open an account and earn the APY is $250. The bank chares no monthly maintenance fee and it also has a penalty-free withdrawal term. Online application is allowed in its website. TD Bank also has branches in Washington, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Six Months to 12 Month CDs are usually the best types as of this year for people who has savings account that they may not need for the rest of the year. Others can still invest on the long term CDs and could earn up to one percent or over which is higher than investing in a savings account.

Opening an account with any of these banks is really easy. First, you need to have a bank account setup. Then you'll have to inform the bank that you wish to purchase a CD. It is assumed that you've already done your shopping and you know which bank offers the best deals for a CD. Once this is done, your statement of account will register a different category.

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