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Chase and Intuit Team Up to Help Customers Make Smarter Money Choices

Chase and Intuit Team Up to Help Customers Make Smarter Money ChoicesChase Bank customers have a new way to take control of their financial information and make better decisions around money. The mega bank has partnered with Intuit Inc. to allow the two companies to share data and work together going forward.

Intuit offers a number of financial management applications that help millions of consumers save, spend, track, and control their money. These include Mint, TurboTax Online, and QuickBooks Online. Chase will now be able to electronically share data with Intuit apps, so customers can import information from their Chase accounts directly to their Intuit apps.

Users of Inuit apps will not have to provide their Chase user names and passwords; instead, Chase and Intuit will utilize a data sharing connection known as an application-programming interface (API) to securely ...

New Card Gives Unlimited 5% Back On All Amazon Purchases

New Card Gives Unlimited 5% Back On All Amazon PurchasesThe Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, just introduced from Chase, will give cardholders 5% back on everything they buy at the internet mega-retailer, as well as 2% back at when they dine at restaurants, fuel up their vehicles, or make purchases at drugstores. All other purchases will earn 1% back. And unlike many other cash back rewards credit cards, this card does not put a cap on earned rewards.

The offer is available only to Amazon Prime members. Prime members get free two-day shipping on eligible purchases; the addition of the 5% cash back incentive is sure to sweeten the deal for folks who are unsure whether the cost of Prime membership is worth it. Amazon Prime currently costs $99 a year, or $10 per month.

The card has other perks as well, including no foreign transaction fees, no annual fee, 24/7 concierge service ...

Study Reveals States With Most Debt

1932There may be sunny skies in Florida, but life isn’t all smooth sailing and frolicking on the beach. The state has one of the highest credit card debt burdens in the nation, according to a recent study.

In fact, the so-called “Sun Belt” includes four of the five states with the highest average consumer debt. In addition to Florida, there’s Texas, Georgia, and New Mexico. However, the state with the number one biggest credit card debt burden is far from sunny: it’s Alaska.

The study looked not only at average credit card debt, but also at median income state by state. So while Florida’s average credit card debt per consumer ranks only 18th in the United States, its lower median income put it on map for having one of the highest debt burdens. The median income in Florida ranks 41st among the 50 states.

Florida’s average credit card debt per cardholder is $5,603. If a person paid only the minimum due on that amount each month, it would take nearly 13 years to pay it off, and cost more than ...

Survey Shows People Are Optimistic About 2017 Income Potential

15As 2016 drew to a close, people felt mostly hopeful about their moneymaking ability in the coming year, according to a study by Allianz Life Insurance Company.

Allianz asked survey respondents a number of questions, including whether they felt the outcome of the US Presidential election was going to affect them financially, how stressed they felt compared with how they felt last year, what bad habits they indulged over the past year, and how likely they were to seek professional financial advice in 2017.

Looking to the future

Although many Americans were surprised by the outcome of the presidential election, the upset didn’t seem to affect their feelings about how their personal economic situation will fare in 2017. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed said they felt optimistic about their earning potential in the near future. Fifty-five percent felt either positive or neutral about their financial outlook, and 23% said they don’t believe the election results will impact their finances one way or anot ...

Experts Advise Decluttering For a More Secure New Year

1920Being more organized is only one of the benefits of decluttering your space in the New Year. Security experts recommend tidying up in order to prevent becoming the victim of identity theft and fraud in the future.

Greg Johnson, District Manager of Shred-It in Boston, Massachusetts, says folks can protect themselves by getting rid of extra paperwork around their houses and offices. “By securely and properly disposing of old files, papers, and electronic devices, you are preventing personal identity theft and business information security breaches, both of which can be a devastating matter to deal with personally, professionally and financially.”

In Johnson’s city of Boston alone, there were 351 incidents of fraud and 137 complaints of identity theft for every 100,000 people in 2015, for a total of 16,630 fraud and 6,507 identity theft crimes in a year. That data comes from the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book.

Setting yourself up for a crime

If you have a lot of papers lying around, you cou ...

Starbucks And Best Buy Debut Chase Pay App

1916There’s good news for mobile wallet enthusiasts across the country. Chase Pay now works at more than 7,500 participating Starbucks locations across the United States, as well as in almost 1,400 Best Buy stores.

All folks have to do is download the Chase Pay app, enter their payment card or account information, and they will be able to pay for their coffee and electronics purchases with just a tap of the screen. If they already use, they will already see their Chase Visa credit or debit cards, as well as Chase Liquid prepaid cards, already pre-loaded in the app when they log in with the same user ID and password they use online to log into their Chase accounts.

With the Chase Pay app, customers can pay with their mobile phones using a QR code at Best Buy and Starbucks stores, reload their Starbucks cards in the Starbucks mobile app using Chase Pay, check their Chase account balances and available credit lines, and review their transactions over the past 90 days.

Jennifer Roberts, presiden ...

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