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Travelers Prefer To Leave Cash At Home, Visa Survey Finds

2012 When packing for a trip, there’s one thing international travelers would rather not bring with them: cash. This is according to the latest Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, which found that the entire process of using cash when they’re away from home was stressful for folks. Respondents said they much prefer the convenience of a credit card when paying for things overseas, and appreciate the various cashless payment solutions available to them.

When traveling in another country, there are several issues with using cash. First, you have to actually get the cash – changing your currency into the local bills or coins needed. Then there’s finding a way to carry that cash safely, as well as the pressure of paying for things with unfamiliar currency.

Using a credit card averts all of those issues, and with the plethora of travel rewards credit cards that offer no foreign transaction fees, along with generous rewards for spending, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for travelers to worry about ...

Hilton Honors Makes It Easier To Earn Reward Points

2005If you’ve got a credit card that earns you Hilton Honors points, you’re in luck. The hotel loyalty program is rolling out new perks and more point-earning potential this April, giving Hilton Honors members an easier way to accrue points and get rewards.

Mark Weinstein, senior vice president and global head of customer engagement at Hilton, says members asked for simpler, more straightforward ways to earn points, and the company responded. “Now more than ever, every stay counts. There’s always another milestone to reach, benefit to unlock, reward to earn,” said Weinstein. He said that Hilton properties are constantly evolving to give Hilton Honors members a better experience, with free Wi-Fi, members-only rates, and the ability to use Amazon Shop with Points and Points Pooling to redeem points in more and different ways.

Elite status has its perks – now more than ever

Elite tier status qualifications have changed, with new bonus rates for Silver, Gold, and Diamond members, who will earn eit ...

Financial Optimism Reigns In The New Year

1999It seems like at the end of every year, people look back and say how difficult it’s been, and hope that the next year will be better. And this year seems to be no different, with people who may have been discouraged or pessimistic near the end of last year now looking ahead and seeing a rosy outlook.

Allianz Life’s New Year’s Resolution survey found that people are, in general, feeling good about their financial prospects in 2018. Only 36% of those surveyed felt that there could be another major recession this year, while 39% were optimistic that they’ll make more money, as opposed to 23% who foresaw making less over the coming year.

Folks are focused on their finances: 71% of survey respondents said getting their money game in top form was their priority this year, even more than getting in shape and minding their health. As for bad habits, the most-named one was “spending too much money on things I don’t need.”

Allianz Life’s vice president of consumer insights, Paul Kelash, provided ...

Small Business Credit Cards Offer Valuable Tools for Entrepreneurs

Small Business Credit Cards Offer Valuable Tools for EntrepreneursThe latest Small Business Growth Index from Capital One shows that 60% of small business owners report that business is good or excellent, and 37% are in a better financial position than they were a year ago.

The survey polls 500 small business owners across the country, measuring their optimism, their feelings about their financial position, and the challenges they’re facing. In spite of overall optimism on the part of the respondents, there are concerns as well. Forty-five percent said they were worried about taxes, 42% were anxious about cash flow, and 32% found keeping up with technology to be a challenge.

Celia Edwards Karam, head of small business banking at Capital One, said the company is “focused on understanding these challenges and delivering experiences designed to help businesses succeed an ...

Generation Y And Z Prefer Credit Cards To Other Payment Options


When you go to pay for something, do you automatically go for the cash in your wallet, or do you pull out your credit card? The answer may have to do with your age – at least according to a recent survey by financial tech firm Vyze.

The Vyze survey looked at Generations Y and Z. Those are the folks that make up the Millennial generation, with Generation Y defined as those ages 25 – 34, and Generation Z encompassing the 18 – 24 set. Vyze wanted to know how generational differences affect customers’ payment preferences, and whether younger people are more comfortable with cash, credit, installment plans, or other types of payment arrangements.

They found that 80% of the Millennial generation as a whole vastly prefer using a credit card to make any type of purchase, and not only that, but that they specifically would choose a credit card that charged a 0% interest rate for six months over a fixed monthly payment plan that also did not charge interest.

Even better than a credit card with zero ...

A Good Credit Score Is Better Than A Fancy Car, Singles Say

1984When looking for someone to date, people might be less focused on someone’s material possessions, what job they have, or how good-looking they are – and more concerned with their potential date’s creditworthiness.

A study sponsored by Discover Card and Match Media Group (the folks behind dating site showed that online daters put more stock in someone’s financial standing than they do in whether the person drives a fancy car or has a fit physique. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said a good credit score was more important than what kind of car their prospective love interest drives, 50% said good credit is more important than an impressive job title, and 40% said it’s more attractive than a physically fit body.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD, the chief scientific advisor for, said singles with a good credit score shouldn’t be afraid to show it off. “When it comes to dating, a good credit score ups your mate value, helping you win a responsible, long-term partner, ...

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