What are the features of ING orange savings account?

A high interest online savings account is referred to as the Orange Savings Account. This product is presented by ING direct, a Dutch financial company that has spread itself in forty different countries. The features that make this account so special are as follows:

1. The interest rates offered by the ING direct Orange accounts are very competitive. With bank interests rates taking a back seat, the interests rates made available on the orange savings account is one of the best in the industry.

2. A minimum balance of $1 is required which is negligible as compared to the other savings accounts that require higher minimum balance. No fees are charged on low minimum balance.

3. Availability of cash is the best with 32,00 ATMs within the Allpoint network at the service of its customers. No fees are charged for withdrawing money.

4. Provides online banking facilities that has made it customer friendly. Steps to get registered for online banking is very easy and can be done without the need of any expert help.

5. 24*7 customer care service in case the customer wishes for face to face solutions for his problems. The employees of the customer care are skilled financial experts with good hold in the local language. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the service creating a friendly environment.

6. Automating an Orange savings account is easy .The savings account can get linked up to five different bank accounts. This makes transfer of money easy by the electronic system of money transfer. Users need not have to make personal visits to the bank ATM’s or the premises of other banks. The concerned person can also be directed to transfer money from other accounts on a fixed date of every month.

7. Customers can deposit money either directly or through electronic transfer. In case the customers are not computer savvy then there are options by which the money gets deposited without any hassle.

8. Orange savings plans in ING allows consumers to open multiple accounts under the same customer ID and then gain access to the accounts through a single page. It makes money transaction very simple.

9. They provide cent percent free online checking accounts that attract tired interest rates.

10. Master card debit cards come with the account. This can be used in different locations as per convenience.

11. Checks can be mailed to any other account via ING orange savings account.

12. The orange savings account also facilitates overnight check deliveries at a very nominal charge.

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