CD Rates

Short Term CD Rates: a Brief on the Factors That Affect the Rates

Certificate of Deposit or CD is a safe investment when it comes to life savings. As an investor, you should understand that the CD rates differ based on the bank as well as the term. It is important to find the right product with the right bank to make most out of the investment. CD basically is a time deposit that can be availed by the customers from banks as well as …

December 8th, 2012

Are Liquid CDs Suitable to Average Investors?

Liquid bank certificates of deposits, known as liquid CDs appear to be an attractive proposition but in truth, liquid CDs are not suitable for every investor. Liquid CDs have only one main advantage. If you withdraw your deposit amount before the maturity of the certificate of deposit, you need not pay any penalty with liquid CDs. Banks charge hefty fees for early withdrawal in the case of traditional CDs, if you need …

October 14th, 2012

Are Short Term CD Rates Beneficial to Investors?

There was a period in the United States when investors could purchase long term certificates of deposits (CDs) from banks at annual interest rates of 10% or even more. This might be surprising news for the younger generation but in the mid1980s, the CD rates for five year deposits were around 12%, according to a CD rate chart of Bankrate that analyzed national averages of interest rates over long periods. Unfortunately, long …

October 9th, 2012

Is Callable CD a Higher Risk Investment?

Before you decide to invest on a callable CD, you should first understand what a callable CD is and how it could affect your investment plans. A callable certificate of deposit (CCD) is a certificate of deposit (CD) insured by FIDC. Hence, you have protection of the investment amount. However, callable CDs contain a unique call feature like other categories of callable fixed-income securities. The issuing banker holds the right to call …

September 6th, 2012

Some basic information you would like to know about Jumbo CD Rates

If you are such an investor who is searching to get high rates of interest from the secure investments, then the jumbo CD rates are just the thing that would catch your attention. Although the regular CDs look very appealing as they are safe, but the jumbo deposit certificates are a lot more appealing as the interest rates can be really high. Rates of jumbo CDs come from the certificate type of …

May 10th, 2012

What makes yankee CD a low risk product?

In general certificate of deposits are high denomination deposits that are locked in for a period in return for higher interest rates. They are basically differentiated into fixed rate certificates of deposits and variable rate certificates of deposits. While fixed certificates of deposits attract a fixed interest rate on through out the tenure of deposit, variable certificates of deposits attract fluctuating interest rates. There exists another classification of certificates of deposits and …

February 19th, 2011

Step up CD’s and its drawbacks

A Step up certificate of deposit is one of the flexi CDs. In this case, the interest rate on the certificate of deposit remains fixed for a year before they rise on the basis of a predetermined interest rate. This allows an investor to change the interest rate for a period of time. This allows greater accumulation of interests as in step up certificates of deposits the account’s interest rates moves up …

February 17th, 2011

An insight into some CD types to choose from

More often than not CDs need a minimum deposit and could proffer consumers a higher rate of interest for huge amounts. Commonly, a CD may comprise only of a book entry along with an item displayed in the consumers’ bank statements periodically. It may not in reality involve a certificate as such. A bear CD has two main uses namely hedging or speculation. It typically involves the investor putting a bet on …

February 1st, 2011

Understanding the fundamentals of callable CD’s

A callable CD is a certificate of deposit that yields higher returns but without any risk. These CDs are also FDIC regulated and therefore have limited risks than other CDs. In these CDs the issuer of the CD is free to choose a call option on the money invested in the CD and can cash in the whole money before the maturity date and pay back to the investor.   Important terms used …

January 29th, 2011

Factors to help you choose between long term and short terms CDs

Certificates of deposit are financial tools that help investors yield higher returns from their investments over a longer period of time. The returns are higher if the investments remain locked over a longer period of time. Once locked for a particular time period, the amount from the CD cannot be withdrawn without incurring penalties. Depending on the duration for which the certificate of deposit remains locked, they can be categorized into short …

January 25th, 2011


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