What are the features of a checking account?

Ideally, a checking account is an account service which is provided by various financial organizations like banks and credit unions that permit people and businesses to deposit the money and also remove funds from the account. It permits effortless access to the money. People can easily use this account for a majority of their monetary transactions. Money can be easily accessed through a check or directly through a debit card. Conveniently, to the user such transactions are debits to the account. The stipulations and conditions with respect to a checking account may fluctuate from bank to bank. There is a quick background check done by a bank once you open up a checking account. 

Here are some of the features of a checking account that you need to be aware of.

  • 24/7 banking: Enjoy paying bills from the comfort of your home. Do online transactions, view online bank statements and many more with the 24/7 online banking facility. This implies you need not visit the bank for any of your needs. All the facilities are a click away from you.
  • A special card is issued to the customer for a checking account. Banks have an exclusive check card reward program to customers who opt for opening the account with their bank. This card can be used to earn reward while you make your purchases.
  • To withdraw money or use the ATM facility, you will not be charged; but utilizing the ATMs of other banks will attract charges as applicable. You can deposit money and avail many more banking facilities free of cost.
  • Have any problem? Contact the customer care. Banks have a highly qualified staff that is polite and well spoken and has solution to all your queries. In case they are not able to respond to your query then they will come back with an answer from a qualified and legitimate source from the company.
  • You also have the facility of auto pay in your checking account. You need not worry about the payment which you have to make. Relax at home as every month the feature of auto pay will release scheduled amount from your account. Hence from now onwards all your payments will be on time.
  • You need not worry about maintaining a list of transactions from your account. Your monthly statements can be viewed online at any time of your choice, thus allowing you to stay updated in regards to the status of your account.

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